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Joyful Work
My writing samples

    Currently, I work as a Senior Content Designer on Shopify's Brand and Audience Expansion team. I joined the company in 2020 and quickly became a go-to content expert for the team's brand voice and tone. 


   Before working at Shopify, I wrote national news articles and brand campaigns. You'll get a taste of my diverse writing skills below.


At Shopify, we believe in the benefits of fostering an entrepreneurial spirit at an early age. That’s why we created a free Business Starter Kit exclusively designed for kids. I was the lead writer for the book and marketing materials. 

I launched Shopify Supply, Shopify's first merch store. The store is designed to help power entrepreneurs 9-5, 5-9 and everything in between. I lead content design for the website's homepage and developed the tone of voice for the store and its marketing materials. 


At Shopify, our mission is to make commerce better for everyone. The Shopify Studios docu-series ‘Born for Business’ is a beautiful example making entrepreneurship accessible in action.

While some may say 'It's just hair,' hair loss has profound consequences on a person's self-esteem. I share insights on this unique disease in a article for Sun Life Financial's health app, Lumino. 

Drawing Eyebrows

Want to read more? 

I've curated a few other samples I'm proud of. You can read them by downloading the PDF, below. 

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