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I'm Joy. 


I'm a writer, marketer, and content creator.


I have crafted a wide variety of content throughout my career, ranging from news articles to landing pages to national ad campaigns. In short, I am passionate about making engaging content that connects people. 

I’ve been writing professionally for over ten years. Before my marketing career, I worked as a journalist, and I hold a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of King’s College. 

Currently, I work as a Senior Content Designer on Shopify's Brand and Audience Expansion Team (Brand Marketing). 

Outside of work, I run Joyful Beauty, a beauty and self-care platform designed for people with alopecia. Joyful Beauty is about embracing life in all its fullness. It is an ode to living joyfully because what’s more beautiful than becoming more you?​

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UX Writing/Content Design


Content Marketing

Long-form Writing

Content Creation


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