I am a data-driven storyteller with a diverse writing background. Throughout my career, I’ve told stories for national news outlets (BNN, CBC, CTV), Fortune 500 companies (Intuit, Black Rock, Sun Life), and global agencies (Sid Lee, Sometimes I even share stories on YouTube for fun.

My educational background is in the art of communication—I hold a Bachelor of Journalism (University of King’s College and Dalhousie University) and a post-graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing Management (University of Toronto). I am a life-long learner and enjoy refining my skills in my spare time. Currently, I am learning how to crack the YouTube algorithm as a content creator. I am also deepening my UX knowledge.

The UX discipline interests me because it is centred on simplifying solutions and empowering users to achieve their goals.


I am a problem-solver. I am a storyteller. I am a marketer, and I am a joy to work with.

Launching  and Managing the Content Factory

Digital Storyteller (Copywriter)

Objectives: Create an efficient content production process that generates content marketing materials for the global SLF brand and Canadian business units. 

Activities: During my time at SLF, I collaborated with every Canadian business unit to create branded content. To accomplish the goal of creating high-value, lead-driving content I did the following:

  • Ran bi-monthly meetings with external stakeholders

  • Partnered with in-house experts to develop thought leadership content

  • Wrote social copy, campaign copy, and long-form content

  • Revamped the microsite based on users’ needs and life stages and wrote copy for the new site

Results: As a result of my activities, we grew the size of our community on social, and drove social engagement and SQLs. Our new audience engagement metrics and leads indicated we were creating content that answered the critical questions Canadian clients had. 

In a 2018 Report, Forrester ranked SLF #1 for Digital functionality and user experience—one of the factors attributed to this  new ranking was that SLF offered educational content.

The team produced 2x more content year-over-year in 2017, compared to 2016 and after five months of implementing the new content strategy: 

  • Page visits were up 

  • Page views were up 

  • Organic search rankings for high-intent keywords for SLF products increased 

SLF Image.png


Content Designer 

Objective: Build brand awareness for QuickBooks within the film industry and adjacent creative industries. 


- We produced a multi-channel (Display, SEM, and Social) campaign featuring film production professionals 

- We partnered with IMDb to host interviews with TIFF actors and directors at the IMDb studio. The IMDb Studio presented by QuickBooks hosted stars such as Priyanka Chopra, and director Bong Joon-Ho (Parasite). 


- A significant increase in MQL and SQL for QBO and QBSE

- An increase in QBO and QBSE sales during the campaign period and the subsequent months of Intuit’s 2020 Q1

- The campaign was awarded an Intuit Marketing Star Award and generated industry buzz and press coverage 




Objectives: Increase user time spent on site, SERP rankings and website traffic. 

Activities: I identified high volume key words and then created super pages that gave users high value information on one super page with a TOC. 



The below data analyzes the gain in Google / Organic sessions adjusted for seasonality. Including the “losing” super pages, the net gain for all pages optimized was +14%. Excluding the “losers”, net gain for all pages analyzed was +52%.

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